Barn Party 2011

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The students had a great time decorating their favorite horses!  Here are some pictures of how they turned out:

This is Stormy dressed as a Native American Pony:




This is Na'vi dressed as Ally's Prom Date:





This is Cruise and Riddhi dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2:




This is Aria dressed as the Haunted Musical Aria:


This is Eywa dressed as the Santa Sarah's Helper:



This is Bart Dressed as a Wizard:




This is Color decorated as The Queen of Hearts:


This is Coco decorated as a Fairy:


This is Rosie Dressed as a Unicorn with

Cassie her Medieval Princess:








This is Amirra Dressed as a Greek Goddess

Her True Self Of Course:








This is Quest Dressed as Vera!:

Note the glasses and the World Equestrian Games Hat!



And he's wearing a

Stepping Stone Ranch Shirt!

That's quite a leg brace!


Note the Leg Brace!


This says "Quick like a Bunny!"

Classic Instructor Words!!


This is Widjan Dressed as a Gangsta:



This is "T"ia Mac Dressed as a Rainbow Horse:




Here are Some other Pictures From the Barn Party: