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JigTime Jones (aka “Jiggy”) is a striking dapple gray, 16.2+ hand Thoroughbred mare who came off the track several years ago.  She has wonderful breeding and tremendous confirmation.  And talk about gaits, she has 3 terrific gaits with a sweeping trot and a flowing canter!  She would make a wonderful hunter or lower level dressage horse. 

She is now 12 years old and enjoying her position as boss mare in the herd.  Jiggy is restarting her training under saddle, after spending the last few years producing beautiful babies!   See Widjan's page.  It has been wonderful to see her jump right back into the training without the slightest hesitation.  She is so smart that it takes almost nothing to teach her something new.  She is very brave and is just a pleasure to work with!!